The Latest Gold Prices

Gold is an element that has come in and out of fashion throughout history, with people favoring white gold or platinum over the once extremely popular yellow gold in recent years. Although this yellow-colored gold still holds its own and is used by many famous jewellery designers.

Gold was, and still is, an extremely treasured and sought-after element, and the gold trade has a highly varied and colorful history that is still changing and evolving today. The value of gold prices can vary hugely depending on a number of factors, from the quality and carat value of the gold to its provenance. It became very clear in 2009 when Scotgold, earlier Australian-based mining companies bought mines in Scotland which are said to produce the most expensive gold in the world. Gold and items made from the gold that comes from this mine can carry a price tag that is five times higher than the equivalent item made from the metal from another mine.

But if you are not lucky enough to own some of the ‘Scottish Gold’ don’t worry you could still be wearing a valuable piece of jewellery, or even simply storing some unwanted jewellery, which could equate to money sitting stagnant in your jewellery box.

If yellow gold is no longer your favourite type of jewellery why not consider seeing how much your unwanted items of jewellery could be worth, you never know you could have enough money stored in old and unworn gold items to purchase a new item of jewellery for yourself. In recent years scrap gold price Melbourne have been increasing, and after the worst January for fourteen years for gold prices, the value has now spiked making it the perfect time to get rid of any unwanted items you may be storing.

Gold price is not a stagnant number, so by checking with a number of both online and offline suppliers at any one time you can ensure that you get the Best price for each item you might be interested in. So if yellow gold is no longer your choice of jewellery why not consider selling these unwanted items, you could have hundreds of pounds trapped in unworn and unloved items of jewellery, if you don’t check you’ll never know.

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